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Reham Rafiq



Reham Rafiq is a multitalented super girl who successfully marked her work in acting, dancing, singing, and voice-over. Her voice acting journey started in 2010 when she went for a dancing audition at a leading TV channel. Along with her dancing talent, Reham also impressed the directors with her vocal skills. She was immediately offered to be part of their ongoing dubbing project. Since she was a school-going girl so couldn’t give her much time. But soon after completing college, she took the dubbing industry by storm. Apart from dubbing, Reham has worked in movies, dramas, theatre, music videos, and tv commercials.
“AK studio is among few studios where one can find a professional and friendly environment simultaneously. It helped me polish my voice skills way more than the other studios. The best part is that I always feel safe while working with AK Studio.”